Terms of Reference for the ASEAN-India Working Groupon Science and Technology


In accordance with the decision of the ASEAN-India Joint Cooperation Committee (JCC) that science and technology will be one of major elements that will characterise ASEAN-India Relations, the ASEAN-India Working Group on Science and Technology (AIWGST) shall be established with the following Terms of Reference.


The WGST aims to promote and intensify cooperation in the specific and technological activities between ASEAN and India with the following objectives:

  1. Generate and promote development of scientific and technological expertise and manpower through joint programmes with India;
  2. Facilitate and accelerate the transfer of scientific and technological development beneficial to ASEAN countries and India and explore possibilities for future collaboration in areas of mutual interest;
  3. Assess the current strengths of ASEAN and India in S&T within the global context and explore ways to capitalise on these strengths/synergies; and
  4. Encourage the participation of the private sector of the private sector in industry-relevant R&D activities


To attain the objectives of the WGST, the following activities shall be undertaken:

  1. Discuss joint cooperative programmes in S&T between ASEAN and India;
  2. Prioritise, approve, coordinate and review joint cooperative programmes and activities;
  3. Identify future areas for cooperation in S&T; and
  4. Organise for a for the participation of the private sector in S&T activities.


The WGST shall:

  1. Comprise senior officials representing India and the ASEAN Committee on Science and Technology (ASEAN COST). Members from the private sector would also be included where appropriate;
  2. Meet as and when necessary at the request of either side, alternately in ASEAN and India. The meetings shall be co-chaired and decisions shall be made on consensus basis. The reports of the WGST meetings shall be submitted to the JCC for approval;
  3. Adopt its own procedural guidelines, including the setting up of appropriate working groups; and
  4. Cost-share the expenses related to the WGST meetings as follows:
  5. Local cost for organising the meetings shall be borne by the concerned host.
  6. Expenses related to the participation at the meetings, such as travel, per diems, etc., of the delegates shall be borne by the respective countries concerned.

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